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Easy to Use Human Inspired

Evolutionary AI Assistants 




         IoT, Financial, 

                 Stock Market/Trade,

                                  Healthcare, &




AignosticX is Strategic Partnership & over arch holding Company for Ailluminate. 


AignosticX  uniquely combines techniques from Evolutionary/Genetics AI, Deep Learning, and Deep Decision Trees (including Fuzzy Logic/Soft Computing Techniques) to learn and find the best solution both from the ground up (data) and from the top down (business rules).  This is done in a massively parallel and automated fashion.


New Algorithms, Technologies, and Products 

to Solve Some of the Most Challenging Enterprise Problems

IoT & Robotics

IoT – Damage & Fault Detection

Robotics - Suspicious Behavior

Health & BioMedical

Health & Bio-Medical Informatics

Disease Detection and Trend

Prevent Disease Outbreaks

Stock Market & Trade

Stock Market/Trade

Intelligence Trade

Exchange Surveillance

Bank & Insurance

Bank & Insurance

Fraud Detection

 Suspicious Behavior 



Cyber Attack- Infrastructure

Network Fault Detection

Blockchain & Finance

Blockchain & Financial Services 

Anti-Money Laundering- KYC

Suspicious Transactions

 AignosticX™ is AilluminateX’s state-of-art agnostic-cloud-based platform that has cognitive abilities that provides actionable insight and can predict and anticipate the future.



AilluminateX LLC Startup program: AilluminateX to license AignosticX-AI technologies to the startup companies.


AilluminateX to license its Intellectual Property - AignosticX-AI technologies to keep them relevant.



+1 510 684 4140



+1 510 684 4140


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